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Overseas Recruitment

We’ll tell you the best ways to allocate money across stocks and bonds, and how you should invest

Training and Orientation

You’ll get expert and specialist data and evaluation to help you build strong mutual trust plans.

Travel Management Services

You’ll no longer have to worry about managing your pensions or IRAs anymore because we’ll take care of it.

Counseling and Guidance

Retiring soon? We’ll help you plan out your entire future so that you can relax and spend your days with fun!

Introduction to SRK Overseas Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

We are glad to introduce ourselves as SRK Overseas Nepal Pvt. Ltd. in the field of manpower recruiting companies in Nepal. With extensive experience in the local and foreign markets, we are found to be the most specific and reliable with its expert team, its collaboration, its formation, and, as a whole, its vision to look after why foreign employment is so vital for today’s generation.

We have established Public Relation Desk, Help Desk, Quarries Desk that address to the people directly. Our Website helps the clients abroad to know about us and Nepalese workers. Likewise, management is always eager to deal on the different issues with clients. As our success is closely related with our well-wisher, clients and the employee candidate we are always ready to co-ordinate with deep respect and responsibility. With experience of many years in the best Manpower from Nepal, I want to assure for quality services.